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by Jennie Lamb on Box Office Ticket Sales
Very disappointing experience

After purchasing in December for a May show, some time in January I realized I had never received a confirmation. After three calls, they found my tickets. When they were sent to m, they were not what I had ordered. After review, they said I was correct. I was offered a very small amount, considering these were $900 tickets, an amount I would never have spent for orchestra seating; I had requested loge/box. The young woman then offered what I believed to be $115 return on each ticket. I really fudn’t Feel this was adequate for such an error, but I consented. When the refund came back on my card, it showed $307. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Upon review, she said that’s whT was said, but that is iwhat I heard. A lesson learned—a disappointing and costly error.will not be using this service again.

by Danny Parkins on Ticket Lodge
Great Small Business

Decided to support these guys on small business Saturday as I was planning on buying some tickets for Xmas presents. Was not disappointed...saw they had competitive prices online and decided to give them a call. The woman I spoke to help me pick out the perfect seats! Gotta love the personal touch in today's day and age of faceless communication. Will buy from them again!

by Byron McGuire on Tickets Now
Worthless Gaurantee

This agency trumpets their "100% satisfaction guarantee" but it is totally worthless. They basically allow themselves right up to show time to email you your tickets or they will refund your money. I'm driving two hours to go to a show tonight, have a room rented, and they haven't sent my tickets. I have to wait outside the show and try to scalp a ticket if they don't come through, and I'm cancelling my date so I don't have to put her through that. Totally undependable and their guarantee is worthless.

by Rob on Ticket Beast
Shocking racist experience

After seeing that Ticketbeast was a Canadian company we were excited to use them, but once we made our purchase we foundout that they were just like every other reseller and charged us in US dollars.
When I sent them an email explaining my disappointment about the fact that they charge in US dollars and it is only ever revealed after the purchase, I got a racist rant calling me an idiot, saying he makes more than cops and that probably pisses them off because he is black. He said everyone was out to get him because he was black and he was trying to keep his son.
It was crazy! I would never go near this website again.

by John P. on Metro Seats
Metroseats Came Through!!

I need a last minute gift for my wife and MetroSeats saved the day! I was able to order tickets to Hamilton which has been sold out for weeks! I called up this company and they were able to find me seats at a great price. The best part was they overnighted the tickets so my wife actually had a gift to open!

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