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by Scarlett Perrin on Ticket Office Sales

Purchased 2 tickets in October 2016. After giving my credit card information, I was advised that they would send the tickets via e-mail so that I could print them within the next hour. I have contacted the these scammers numerous times but they will not respond to the fact that they took my money but never provided the tickets to me for printing. Needless to say, this company is in violation federal protection laws.

by Marvin Gardens on Ticket Office Sales
Rip-Off A**holes!!

Hey, these scumbags are low enough to walk under a snakes belly with a high hat on! Really about the worst experience without exception, of any kind of transaction I've ever had. I hope all of these people rot in maggot puke in hell!!

Horrible Company

Purchased tickets in October 2106 for the King and I which will be in Tampa, FL on May 6, 2017. Yes, over 8 months and I still do not have any tickets to show for it.

The tickets were a gift to my girlfriend. She is a Veteran of the US Army , where she held the rank of Captain. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2017 and the surgery is scheduled for May 2, 2017.

With her scheduled surgery 4 days prior to the show, I requested a refund of my tickets or a credit to a show, later in the year.

I contacted and they had no empathy for her condition or that she served our country! All they talked about was all sales were final. Well, if it was not for men and women like my girlfriend that fought for our freedom, this scam of a ticket company would not even exist!

Please DO NOT buy any tickets from this company.

by Unknown on Ticket Office Sales
Rude and terrible customer service

Insensitive and terrible customer service.... long story short, they will not refund your money or have compassion if you have a loss in the family( the person who passed was the one we bought tickets for).. zero compassion zero care in the world.. said nothing they could do about it... DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE

STAY AWAY - don't use this company

WORST ever experience - total frauds and thieves - i ordered two tickets for Book of Mormon - charged me 1,000$!!!!! I received two tickets that were 70$ each with someone elses name on them - it's been a nightmare to deal with them!!!! still can't get a refund!!!! TERRIBLE

by John Kemp on Ticket Office Sales
Ticket Rip Off

Bought tickets for the Clapton concert on 3/26. Got cancelled because Clapton is ill. Refuse to refund. Refuse to let me talk to management. Refuse to give me an address. I am out of the country for the date rescheduled and these folk don't care. Told I'm on my own. DO NOT USE THESE RIP OF ARTISTS.

Rip Offs

I bought tickets for a symphony and the face value of the tickets are 50 each so fir 2 tickets I should have paid at the mist 150!!! I paid 270 FUCKING RIP OFFS DO NOT USE! I called and they said no refunds!

Horrible crooks, avoid avoid avoid! Go to STUBHUB!

I bought tickets to an event a 9 hour drive away from my home (I'm from Canada, event was in the US). I accepted the fact that I was buying expensive third party scalped tickets because the event was sold out (due to said scalpers), but that's a whole other issue 🙁

Anyway, I paid for VERY expensive tickets right near the stage. It was a delayed ticket release so I only received my tickets 72 hours before the show. The problem? They sent me TERRIBLE tickets, far from the stage.

I called as soon as I realized what happened. The customer service agent said they would call the seller to see if the "wrong tickets had been uploaded". Fine. 24 hours go by, then 48 and the seller conveniently just "isn't getting back to them".

In the meantime I booked a hotel, car, and the whole POINT of the trip was this show. The worst part? There was a table with 6 available seats, 2 tables over, but they REFUSED to help me by cancelling my order so I could but those.

I ended up in tears multiple times calling from both Canada and the US.

I ended up having to spend about 4 hours in total in stressful phone calls, re-explaining all the garbage I had been dealing with, for FRAIDULENT tickets. I wasted an hour of my trip pulled over at a truck stop begging them to cancel my order or switch it to the table that was similar. They REFUSED to help me at ALL. I wasted all my cell phone's roaming time and was almost late to the show because of this crap.

Be aware - the "100% Buyer Guarantee" means they will get you tickets 1 HOUR minimum before your event begins. That's ridiculous!

I can go on but you get the point. Oh and guess what? As I KNEW, they DID NOT have the tickets I purchased, and after harassing them for days, with only a few hours to the show time, they FINALLY gave me the transfer over to the other tickets (which were now CHEAPER THAN I PAID FOR MY ORIGINAL ORDER BUT JUST AS GOOD!) The worst part? The other 4 tickets never sold, so they put me through all that garbage for no reason.

Unbelievably BAD customer service.

PS if they won't tell you who their "seller" is, it is almost certainly VIVID SEATS so try calling them directly if you are having problems with them "getting in touch with the seller".

Avoid, avoid, avoid this company like the plague! Go for Stubhub if you have to buy third party tickets.


huge scam

tried to cancel ticket order within a few hours and they won't. charged my cared 750.00 usd and can't get it back - complete rip off company , never ever use them - awful!!!

by Cheryl Covello on Ticket Office Sales
Do Not Purchase Tickets From This Sitey

I purchased 2 tickets for a concert in July, thought I was brought to the Ticketmaster site...wrong.. only to have just an e ticket with someone elses name on it, called customer service for a refund..they refused and guaranteed the ticket. After reading multiple reviews of people not being able to get into their event I filed a dispute with my credit card company, waiting for an outcome and I have purchased real tickets from Ticketmaster. Stay not be fooled

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